Smart Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 / 6s

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Type: iPhone 6 / 6s

World's First Smart Tempered Glass Screen Protector

HALO BACK is the world’s first smart tempered glass screen protector.
With an invisible back button near the bottom of your iPhone, it helps you operate your device elegantly and conveniently with a single hand.

Easy Operation

With big screen iPhone, we fall in trouble when using the back button on left upper corner.

Wanna use the map conveniently? Or glance at the pictures quickly?

Now all you need is a HALO BACK smart tempered glass screen protector, which adds the superb back navigation function to iPhone.


HALO BACK's 'smart' technology works by adding an invisible circuit layer to the traditional glass screen protector. This globally patented advanced technology ensures sensitive reaction while maintaining all original functions of the iPhone.


Smart back button
Smooth feel
9H hardness


0.21mm tempered glass


5-8 days


We provide a product that offers a smart back button and significant protection. The warranty covers function, materials and workmanship.
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What’s in the Box?

HALO BACK smart screen protector
Screen cleaning wipe
Dust removal sticker