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ScreenArmor™ Protector for iPhone 6&7&8 Series


ScreenArmor™ protector features IonFortify™ technology, which provide extreme impact and scratch protection.

Impact Protection: Use IonFortify™ technology to provide the ever best impact protection.
Scratch Protection: Advanced 0.3mm tempered glass with 9H hardness guarantee scratch proof.
Reinforced 2.5D Edges: Reinforced edges with 2.5D curved design ensures a smooth touch and prevent tiny cracks in daily use.
Ultra Clear: Top basic tempered glass material makes 100% clarity.
Anti-fingerprint: Electroplating layer keep your screen away from fingerprint smudges.
Sharp Design: shape based on Fibonacci sequence, elegant appearance.
Easy Application: automatically adhere, bubble free.
1-year Free Replacement Warranty: If your ScreenArmor™ gets worn or damaged within one year, HALO BACK will replace it. 

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